Earth Crosses at Grater Good Opening Thursday 15 October 6:30 pm

earth crosss postcard-vl1

A series of six prints on thick A2 cotton paper selected from

Gallery — Earth Crosses

The Earth Crosses images are a series that began as my Thousand Sketches project ended. The last image of the 1000 was #1000 Departing Force and it is part of this exhibition.

The images are a dialogue between the horizontal and the vertical. Opposites. All the images in the series are square. The vertical, perhaps the landscape, has as much space as the horizontal, perhaps the portrait aspect. Think dialectics, yin yang. I expect I’ll get to elaborate on the opening night.


AANZPA Journal articles:

Encounter – The heart of psychodramatic couple therapy (PDF, 183.1 KB) 2019.
This article is concerned with the application of psychodrama principles and practices to couple therapy. In particular, it explores Moreno’s philosophy of encounter, that meeting of two, ‘face to face and eye to eye’, which lies at the heart of psychodramatic couple therapy.

Moreno’s Scientific Methodology: By, Of and For the People (PDF, 324.3 KB) 2015.
This paper is an exposition of the scientific methodology developed by Jacob Levy Moreno. Six principles have been identified and formed into a working description so that research may be by the people, of the people, and for the people. The paper invites a greater consciousness of this research methodology.

There are two unpublished explorations that led to the more concise Journal article. Both have additional and valuable material:

  • Moreno’s Scientific Methodology. (pdf) A monograph exploring the place of science in Moreno’s work and the place of his work in science. Contrasts Moreno’s with many other action research methods. In draft form.
  • Psychotherapy and Scientific Method pdf file. A paper about sociometry and musings about the future of knowing. Presentation at the NZAP conference, Queenstown, New Zealand, April 2005

Book Review: Group Supervision: A Guide to Creative Practice (PDF, 440.0 KB) 2010.
Group Supervision: A Guide to Creative Practice (2nd Edition) by Brigid Proctor Counselling Supervision Series Edited by Michael Carroll and Elizabeth Holloway Sage Publications, London 2008.

The Imago Affair – Jacob Moreno’s Interpersonal Therapy And Harville Hendrix’s Relationship Therapy (PDF, 82.2 KB) 2009.
Psychodrama and Imago Relationship Therapy, while different, have much in common. The meaning and origin of encounter and dialogue are discussed with reference to ways they can be fostered. The question of professional identity and identification with a modality is raised.

Engaging The Muse: Reflections on Art And Creativity (PDF, 102.7 KB) 2008.
Written after my year of doing the Thousand Sketches project. This essay reflects on the author’s personal creative experiences, with Moreno’s ideas as a guide. The Canon of Creativity, along with its implications for spontaneity training and role training is explored. The essay concludes with some stories and quotes from the lives of painters, to highlight the explosion of creativity and spontaneity that can occur in the moment.

Psychodrama Thesis
The Group and its Protagonist The Relationship Between the Individual and the Group. A paper presented as partial fulfilment of the Board of Examiners of the AANZPA requirement for certification as a Psychodramatist. March 1998.

Book Review
Exploring the Self in C.G. Jung’s Aion A review by Walter Logeman, published in The Round Table Review, May/June 1996

Archetypes of Cyberspace — an Essay — Available on Amazon Kindle
Amazon Began this in the late 1990s and published it on Kindle with a 2012 foreword.
The Internet changes everything including the psyche. The essay uses the imaginal approach C.G. Jung and archetypal psychology. The recognition of archetypal structures of the psyche have a direct influence on clinical psychotherapy.

DreamEvent (Internet Archive link as the original link has died.)
This is an article about the internet project I conducted with Charles Cameron in the 1990s

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